Pitfall Harry is the title character and the main protagonist of Pitfall! series. He is a young adult man whose born with the braveness, and skils.

Designer Edit

The story of Pitfall begins in 1979, when legendary developer David Crane worked out a way to animate a running man on the Atari 2600. In that same year Crane, who had been working for Atari, left the company and became one of the co-founders of a little publisher you may know as Activision.

Abillities and Powers Edit

  • Jump
  • Swim
  • Climb
  • Swing
Quotation1 A brave explorer, who had no intention of getting involved in El Dorado in the first place. He maintains a soft spot for Nicole through the game, although this affection usually went unreturned. Harry's father abandoned him to go exploring, so Harry was raised by Dr. David Crane (named after the creator of Pitfall).

It appears that they lost contact after Harry dropped out of school. In the end-scene, he says to Nicole, "There's a man back home, Dr. David Crane, to whom I owe a long overdue visit". Whether they were reunited is yet to be revealed. Quotation2

Brief description about Pitfall Harry